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CULTURE MAP: "In the musical Greek comedy The Frogs, Luke Longacre played one of the bouncing amphibians opposite Nathan Lane on Broadway. Now he's gearing up to make his debut at Amphibian Stage Productions in The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)...

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Luke Longacre’s Doyle is a man who’s crawled his way back to the bar in the last chance saloon. He is broken, worse for the wear, and stuck in the past. But he hasn’t given up, and in Longacre’s hands, you don’t want to give up on him either.

...the combo of Longacre, Murphy and Zenreich, who possess a wonderfully natural chemistry, stick close to the goofy origins of the piece with just a wink of dryness, particularly provided by Longacre, the glue and hilarious straight man of the piece, if it’s even possible to have a straight man in this show.

Marvelous world premiere of ‘Hood’ has the men in tights shaking things up Sherwood

Longacre does some admirable interior acting as Slim, choosing subtle gestures and expressions to embody his character.                                              -M. Lance Lusk, D Magazine

Appealing with a mustache in the bedroom or in full panic attack mode on an elevator, Longacre hits the comic high notes in the show. A tall man with a round face and wistful eyes, Lundquist’s Oscar is the embodiment of a Neil Simon shy guy literally forced into an embrace when he gets trapped with Charity on the elevator at the 42nd Street Y. Panting in a claustrophobic attack, his long frame wavers helplessly as he gradually falls to his knees, clutching Charity’s knees and howling a hilarious primal scream. Poor bastard; he’s so funny!          -Martha Heimberg, Theatre Jones

Luke Longacre likewise impresses immensely by not only playing Little John but also by voicing the puppet of the villainous King John."                         -Wayne Lee Gay, Theatre Jones

In dramatic moments, big, muscular Luke Longacre is hilarious as Mark, who misread a medical book at 13 to diagnose his wet dream as gonorrhea.

                                                   -Herbert M. Simpson, City Newspaper

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