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"While performing is my first love, discovering teaching over 15 years ago was a dream come true.  Seeing my students grow and succeed has been one of the biggest joys of my life.  

I am so thankful for my own training, from professionals like Susan Stroman and Twyla Tharp, to my incredible high school and college professors.  If it weren't for Dyan Moore, Dusty Davidson, Carol Fox Prescott, Teri Wilkerson, Sara Romersberger, Blake Hackler, Benard Cummings, Michael Connolly, Ann Schilling, Jack Greenman, and so many more, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

With the need for more virtual learning due to the Corona virus, I am excited to offer private Zoom coaching for acting and musical theatre, whether it's getting ready for a college audition, working on a role, or just improving your personal craft.  

I am also offering acting classes on Zoom.  These classes will be divided by skill and age, and will be tailored to the needs of the class, whether that be monologue work, musical theatre performance, or scene study."


                                                  Luke Longacre  

If you are interested in private coaching, please fill out the information below, or contact me here: 

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To get more information regarding private coachings, please fill out the information below.


"Luke Longacre is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and cuts right through to what a young actor needs to hear in order to grow and succeed. He has a very good eye for your strengths and shortcomings, and has a great ear for music as well! I've worked with him for years and can honestly say he is the best acting teacher I've ever worked with. 


Before the Pandemic, I had just graduated from TCU with a BFA in theatre with emphasis in Acting. I have earned my EMC card and was living and working in the DFW area. After the world goes back to normal, I'll be back at the grind then!"

                                                    -Jacob Trevino

"My name is Kaitlin and I was Mr. Longacre's student for 3 years. It was through Mr. Longacre that I discovered I had a talent and passion for theater arts! Mr. L truly invested in me, as he does with all of his students, becoming both mentor and friend. I learned more from him in those years than I ever expected- lessons that have been applicable both on and off the stage.  He's knowledgeable, brilliant, accomplished, caring, dedicated and someone you're absolutely blessed to have in your corner and on your team! I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

                                                        -Kaitlin Smith

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